Evaluation of the efficiency of the treatment applied to giant bamboo strips with pyroligneous acid against powder-post beetle


Despite numerous economic and environmental benefits of bamboo, its greater use is still hampered by the limited natural durability of most species. Among the products aiming to improve the protection of bamboo the pyroligneous acid occupies outstanding position. In this research work, bamboo splits were cooked in pyroligneous acid, at three different dilutions (10, 20 and 30%) at five time intervals (15, 30, 60, 120 and 180 minutes), in order to protect against deterioration by powderpost beetle.

During 20 weeks, bamboo strips were visually inspected and having theirs mass loss measured, as well as readings of the ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) parallel to fibers. Paired t-test indicated that UPV decreased meanwhile strips mass increased; however it should be considered the simultaneous effect of the relative humidity changes in the period.


Dinoderus minutus, borer, biodeterioration, alternative material, Dendrocalamus giganteus


Da Silva, R. G.; Beraldo, A. L.



Licenciado em Matemática (USP-1974), Engenheiro Agrícola (UNICAMP, 1980), Mestre em Eng. Agrícola (UNICAMP, 1987), Docteur en Sciences du Bois (ENSTIB, Nancy, France, 1994). Possui enorme admiração pela "Dádiva dos Deuses" - o Bambu. Co-autor do livro "Bambu de Corpo e Alma", agora em segunda edição, e administrador do site www.apuama.org, projeto pessoal desenvolvido desde 2009.

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