IUFRO Congress 2017 – Forest and Forest-based Products

The Congress Scientific Committee invites submissions of abstracts for oral and poster presentations for the IUFRO 125thAnniversary Congress, “Interconnecting Forests, Science and People”. All submissions must be made online.

This Congress provides a platform for the exchange of scientific knowledge across all scientific disciplines relevant in forest research and is open to all scientists regardless of their current affiliation to IUFRO. Abstracts highlighting innovative, interdisciplinary research approaches and the transfer of scientific knowledge on critical global forest-related challenges to national and international policy agendas are encouraged.

The science program comprises two main components: the general themes, which correspond to the five broad themes outlined in the current IUFRO Strategy (http://www.iufro.org/discover/strategy/), and five All-Division Meetings embedded in the Congress


19 – 22 September 2017


Freiburg, Germany.

Deadline for Abstracts submission:


General Congress Themes

Theme 1 – Forests for people
Theme 2 – Forests and Climate Change
Theme 3 – Forests and Forest-based Products for a Greener Future
Theme 4 – Biodiversity, Ecosystem services and Biological invasions
Theme 5 – Forests, Soil and Water Interactions
All-Division Meetings

Division 3 – Forest Operations Engineering and Management
Division 4 – Forest Assessment, Modelling and Management
Division 6 – Social Aspects of Forests and Forestry
Division 7 – Forest Health
Division 9 – Forest Policy and Economics

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