Young bamboo culm: Potential food as source of fiber and starch

Authors: Mária Herminia Ferrari Felisberto, Patricia Satie Endo Miyake, Antonio Ludovico Beraldo,
Maria Teresa Pedrosa Silva Clerici.

University of Campinas, Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Abstract: With the objective of widening the use of bamboo in the food industry, the present work aimed to produce and characterize the young bamboo culm flours from varieties Dendrocalamus asper, Bambusa tuldoides and Bambusa vulgaris as potential sources of fiber and starch. The young culms were collected, cut in three sections (bottom, middle, top), processed into flour, and they were physically, chemically and technologically analyzed. The data were obtained in triplicate and evaluated by means of average differences, using analysis of variance (ANOVA)
and Scott-Knott test (p < 0.05). The young bamboo culms flours presented low values for moisture content
(< 10 g/100 g), protein, lipids and ash contents (< 3 g/100 g). Regarding the carbohydrates profile, the flours
were significantly different in their sugar, starch and total fiber contents. All flour samples presented a potential
for fiber extraction (> 60 g/100 g), and the varieties B. vulgaris and D. asper, presented an additional potential
for starch extraction (16 and 10 g/100 g, respectively). Regarding technological characteristics, all flours presented
bright yellow color, lightly acidic pH (> 5.0), water solubility index (WSI) lower to 2.5%, excepting D.
asper, which presented a WSI superior to 7.5%. In this way, the evaluated young bamboo culms present potential
application in the food industry as flours and as source of fibers; in addition, the varieties D. asper and B. vulgaris
can also be used for starch extraction.



Bamboo flour


Licenciado em Matemática (USP-1974), Engenheiro Agrícola (UNICAMP, 1980), Mestre em Eng. Agrícola (UNICAMP, 1987), Docteur en Sciences du Bois (ENSTIB, Nancy, France, 1994). Possui enorme admiração pela "Dádiva dos Deuses" - o Bambu. Co-autor do livro "Bambu de Corpo e Alma", agora em segunda edição, e administrador do site www.apuama.org, projeto pessoal desenvolvido desde 2009.

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